We have A special credit plan for everyone.        Become A Union Cousin Business Member today!   

We're locally owned.  (  But we service nine other counties  ) We're Chesterfield county South Carolina, Marlboro county South Carolina, Dillion county South Carolina, Marion county South Carolina, Darlington county South Carolina, (  And. ) Anson county North Carolina, Richmond county North Carolina, Stanly county North Carolina, Scotland county North Carolina, Montgomery county North carolina.

We supply Insurance in North Carolina and South Carolina.

We have on-site county credit membership approval.

An annual owner business Membership fee of $99.99 is due on January first of each year. ( No matter when you became a member. ) The credit Membership Activation fees are non-refundable. 

There's A five hour minimum per worker. The customer is obligated to pay the $10:00 Driver fee per worker per diem.

Your extra work is our business.

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