Just call - We schedule special appointments between 9:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. We will estimate any work related questions inside and outside of your company, business, job - site, property.  There's A five hour minimum  visit charge! 

The Union Cousin Labor Service, is her to assist in giving member businesses and companies the chance to promote their products and/or services to other businesses and the economy-torn general public.

Here are some ways we offer to help your business or Company:

Gardening, Dish Washing, Ditch Digging, Landscaping, Stucco Painting, Conduit Bending, Flat Roof Helper, Loading and Unloading, Prep Sanding, Mortar Grinding, Stacking Hay Bales, Window Cleaning, Vacuum Cleaning, General Clean up. Demolition work, Scaffolding Work, Furniture Moving, Cleaning Light Covers, Sledgehammer Labor, Welder Labor Helper, Hotel Floor Cleaning, Janitorial Cleaning, Cutting Torch Helper, Industrial Cleaning. The Union Cousin Cleaning  Service, is the heart of the Union Cousin Temporary Labor Service training program.

The Union Cousin Guarantee: If A customer is not satisfied with A worker, we will replace the employee.

To avoid the $10:00 per diem driver fee per worker, Temporary workers may be picked up and dropped off at the Union Cousin business office each day.